HiFi Fun

The Lagunitas Brewing Company has created something quit unique with their Hi-Fi Hops beverage line. Imagine that signature Lagunita IPA flavor, both light and refreshing, with those hoppy overtones, well It’s all of that in a water! We’re talking about a THC infused non alcoholic beverage that tastes just like a blonde IPA. At first sip the hops pull through right away giving you the simulated taste of an actual Pale Ale . Only these drinks aren’t made to be chugged! No sir, that 10mg dose is a perfect amount to really just have one and relax. Giving myself about an hour between dosing the best way to indulge, I find from my experience, is to really take your time and enjoy the big hoppy aroma and full hop flavor of this water. And yes, you can save the calories, carbs, sugars and sodiums because you won’t find any of those in the Lagunitas Hi-FI Hops! 5 STAR recommendations!

-Nick Morales

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