How To: A Step By Step Guide To Applying For A State Medical Card


The Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP) is an initiative created by the State of California that establishes a state-authorized Medical marijuana database/registry of all patients and their primary caregivers. This registry stores the information of qualified patients and issues them a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) that recognizes their medical need and exempts the patients from California Sales and Use Tax when purchasing cannabis products. This program is completely voluntary and according to the website of the California Department of Health “The MMICP web-based registry allows law enforcement and the public to verify the validity of a qualified patient or primary caregiver’s MMICP as authorization to possess, grow, transport, and/or use medical marijuana within California.”  If you would like to be a part of the registry and you have a valid medical condition we have provided the steps and supplied links to apply. 



Step 1: Print & Collect Documents

 To begin, you must obtain a medical recommendation from a doctor explaining you have a serious medical condition that can be treated with cannabis which gives you relief from the condition. Once your documentation of the condition is complete, or if you already have it, you can fill out the physical application and compile the necessary supplemental documents. In addition to a medical recommendation you will need proof of residency, a utility bill is best but California DMV registration, or any document with your name and address to prove where you live should suffice.  Additionally, you will need proof of identity such as a California driver’s license, ID, or any other government- issued photo identification, like a passport. 

Once all the documents are in order and the paper application is filled out you can make your way to your local programs office. 

Step 2: Submission

With all the documents and paper application in hand you must then apply in person at your county program office, in Ventura County that is the Ventura County Public Health office. Upon submitting the documents you must get your photo taken, which will appear on your MMIC, and pay a fee chosen by the county program but may not exceed $100. According to the California department of health, “Medi-Cal beneficiaries will receive a 50 percent reduction in the application fee (not to exceed $50), and the fees shall be waived for indigent patients who are eligible for and participate in the County Medical Services Program.” 

After submitting all this information and paying the fee your portion is complete.

Step 3: Wait For Review And Verification

Once the application is properly submitted the county programs will have 30 days to review and verify your application. Once your application is verified the Ventura County Public Health Office has five days to make your MMIC available.  This process could take up to 35 days if all documentation is in order but longer if not all documents are present. 

If your application does not meet all the requirements of the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program  you will be denied but you can appeal for free by submitting the appeals application within 30 days of when you received a denial of the MMIC from the Ventura County Public Health Office. 

Step 4: Register Your MMIC With Your Local Dispensary

When your application is approved for the California Medical Marijuana Identification Program bring your card to your favorite dispensaries, they will put it is their system so sales tax is immediately taken off from your cannabis purchases. 



Below we have provided the links to The California Cannabis portal section on the MMIC, California Department of public health MMICP section, a link to the forms page for MMICP related documents, as well as direct links to the application/renewal pages and the denial appeals documentation if necessary. 


-California Cannabis Portal

-California Department of Public Health

-CDPH MMICP forms website (Containing spanish versions)

-Application/Renewal Form

-Denial Appeals Applications


Ventura County Programs Office: 

Ventura County Public Health

2220 East Gonzales Road Suite 200

Oxnard, CA  93036

(805) 981-5301

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm

By Appointment Only

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