FamFriday: Jake

Origin:Ventura, Ca

How long have you been with Safeport?
4 years, I have been working with Safeport before the retail store opened.
Favorite thing about working with Safeport?
The people, and working with a company that invests in their employees.
Top 3 products at Safeport?
– Biscotti Flower (Connected)
– Cereal Milk Flower (Cannabiotix)
– Peanut Butter Cup Rosin (Clout King)
Preferred smoking method?
Bong hits and dabs.
Favorite place to smoke?
Solimar Beach.
Favorite thing to eat when high?
A MEAN carne asada burrito.
Favorite thing to do when not at work?
Hang with the boys, fish, surf, and rockclimb.

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