Q: How much cannabis may I legally possess?

A: Adults over the age of 21 may possess a combination of the following:

  • Twenty-eight and a half (28.5) grams of usable cannabis
  • Eight (8) grams of cannabis concentrate
    *Note: Adult-use consumers are limited to purchasing eight (8) ounces per day.


Q: Where do I get my Medical Marijuana Card?

A:  420recs.com or cannamed.com


Q: What will I need to bring to buy cannabis?

A: If you are 21 or older, you’ll only need a valid ID to buy up to an ounce of cannabis from our shop. Out-of-state licenses are OK.


Q: Can I consume cannabis in public?

A: Not legally. State law says no one can consume cannabis in public, even in areas where it’s legal to smoke cigarettes. That means no smoking on the streets, in bars, in parks, etc. Anyone caught smoking cannabis in public faces a fine of $100 to $250.

People can already smoke cannabis in their own homes or other private property. And a small number of cities plan to allow cannabis lounges.


Q: How much cannabis am I allowed to grow?

A: Adults over the age of 21 may cultivate up to six (6) plants per residency

Medical cannabis patients and their primary caregivers may cultivate up to six (6) mature cannabis plants, or up to twelve (12) immature cannabis plants. With the recommendation of a physician, medical cannabis patients may be permitted to grow a greater amount per the patient’s needs.


Q: Can I have cannabis in my car while I’m driving?

A: The rules here are pretty much the same as with alcohol.

You can’t consume marijuana while you’re driving. You can’t have an open container that’s accessible, meaning you have to leave anything you’ve bought at the store in its sealed package until you get home.  Better yet, throw your products in the trunk.

And, of course, you can’t be under the influence of marijuana while you’re behind the wheel. If an officer sees signs of impaired driving, and a blood test shows you have cannabis in your system, you can be charged with driving under the influence..